martedì 10 giugno 2014

...#Call me,Chiamami,Appelle Moi !?!...

Poverine!...iniziano i Mondiali di Calcio in Brasile e le donne sono disperate perchè sono lasciate sole,messe in secondo piano,tradite dai loro maritini,fidanzatini,amanti che hanno in testa solo una cosa:le partite di'è qualcuno che non ama vedere le partite di pallone,alimenta il tuo sogno erotico !
Poor Women!...they're desperate because there's the World Soccer Cup in Brasil and their boyfriends,husbands,lovers have in mind only the Football matches!...haha...Girls,dont worry,there's Someone that dont like watching the football's matches...He's waiting for you...come here!...dont you?...share your opinion,leave a comment...Thanks and Ciao!

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JustPorsh ha detto...

Hahahahahahaha !
I hate watching football matches! But I wudnt feel ignored by a man if he chooses to watch a match, there are other things to occupy my time with. Lol

Great Art as always!

Alexandra Zakharova ha detto...

I love what you wrote in here, it's really funny and sad at the same time. I must say my boyfriend is a huge football fan as many other men, and it's really pissing me of:) I love hockey, though))))))))))!!!! The drawing is so original, you are true to yourself.

Caro * ha detto...

I am lucky, my boyfriend does not love football !
I love your drawing.
Have a lovely weekend :)

Unknown ha detto...

Great post! I love your blog as always. Your posts are always really interesting, where do you get your inspiration?
Beth x

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