lunedì 11 giugno 2012

"The Politics Show: the Ship is Burning!"

Il Teatrino della Politica by Aurè:"The Politics Show: We're All on the same Ship!" The Global Crisis is Burning our Ship but our Politics Leaders seems to Sleep...What they're doing to save Our "Ship" ?!? Wake Up, WAKE UP...Our Ship is Burning!!! ...Ahahaha...Do You like the Aurè Satiric Art?...Enjoy and tell a Friend about! Remembering the Happy Days when the Ship was Sailing in the Sea!...Ahahaha... Enjoy the Aurè's Cartoon "The Voyage of the World's Leaders"

6 commenti:

LOLA C. ha detto...

Fabuloso Aurè, un guiño a lo que nos acontece!!!!!!


Pd Ni Italia, ni España, al final empatamos....................

Clara Turbay ha detto...

buen blog!

Anna ha detto...

your blog is really original (: love what you do!


teresweetstyle ha detto...

como siempre una entrada genial!
y la anterior me encanto tambien jeje!


Dana ha detto...

Hi Aure!
Thank you so very much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!
WOW! I have never been compared to art before but I appreciate the compliment very much! Thank you! Mille mille grazie!
I enjoy seeing your artwork! Very imaginative and thought provoking!
I hope you come back and visit me again soon!


Ulia Ali ha detto...

Outstanding illustrations. Bravo!

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