mercoledì 25 gennaio 2012

The Protesters !

The Fat-Cats & the Global Financial Crisis has empty Our wallets, are taking Our Lifes...and eventually will steal even Our Dreams !
The Protesters Says: No more Cuts;No more Taxes,No more Wars...Another World is Possibile!
I'm Indignado...Are You Indignado too?!?

6 commenti:

Fabrizia Spinelli ha detto...

So funny! This is such a cool post!

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LOLA C. ha detto...

Yo llevo indignada desde que nací. Un post estupendo!!

Elena ha detto...

Nice blog :)
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Idoia Bilbao Parisse ha detto...

I like very much your picture, yes, i'm indignada of course! With all!! I propose, i have a present for you in my blog... Ksss

V. ha detto...

nice post! u are right to talk about this!!

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Idoia Bilbao Parisse ha detto...
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