sabato 6 agosto 2011

Italian Summertime!

Retrò, Vintage look avec the AurèBikini: j'Aime, I Love you Italian Pin-Up !
La Joix de Vivre, Enjoy your Summertime!
Ciao dall'Italia

6 commenti:

lisa signorini ha detto...

nuovo post sul mio blog: ti aspetto!!!!!!!!

Daisy ha detto...

I like your drawings! I'll follow. Thanks for your lovely comment. Follow me back? ;D

Anonimo ha detto...

cutee blog :)

Alexandra ha detto...

Thanks for following and for your input on the hair cut :) I'm not sure I could go blonde without my hair turning orange because it's so dark, the closest I've ever gotten is a lot of highlights.I will probably stick with the red at least for a little while to avoid over-coloring it.

<3 A

Unknown ha detto...

Wow..Che brava!!..
Passa da me se ti va..:)!

Lady and Olga ha detto...

Nice drawing :)


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